Senior expert in tax revenue policy analysis and forecasting

in General Kabul ,Afghanistan Apply Before: September/30/2023

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Job Description:

Analyzing and predicting revenues in accordance with the annual financial plan and current economic conditions.


Job Requirements:

Qualifications and Responsibilities


Specialized Tasks:

Organizing reports for the analysis and prediction of tax revenues to accurately forecast revenues that are considered in the budget revenue target.

Collecting tax revenue information from revenue authorities and customs (fixed taxes, revenue taxes, excise taxes, etc.) and entering it into the revenue model.

Collaborating on potential changes in the prediction of tax revenues based on risks arising from changes in major economic indicators that affect the decrease/increase in the specified revenue target.

Updating the revenue prediction model to accurately and reliably predict domestic revenues.

Analyzing the socio-economic impacts of introducing new taxes.

Participating in the development and revision of key financial policy documents, including medium-term financial frameworks, economic outlooks, and financial strategy documents, for accurate and improved resource allocation for the national budget.

Coordinating with other tax authorities to identify new tax resources.

Establishing communication with taxpayers, business associations, and international organizations on issues related to tax policy, etc.

Analyzing and evaluating tax revenues compared to the plan and preparing reports accordingly.

Evaluating tax rates in line with the country's current economic situation and making recommendations for future decisions.

Management Duties:

Preparing and organizing monthly, quarterly, and annual work plans in accordance with the department's general plan to achieve set objectives.

Presenting monthly, quarterly, and annual reports and, when necessary, reporting on the activities and achievements of the relevant department to keep the leadership informed.

Executing other duties assigned by competent authorities in accordance with laws, regulations, and the goals of the department.

Coordination Duties:

Ensuring coordination between relevant department units and external entities on work-related matters.

Ensuring coordination for potential changes in policy measures with the Directorate General of Revenue and Customs, and incorporating these measures (pricing) into the revenue model.

Coordinating closely with relevant departments on revenue-related matters and working towards improving revenue forecasts.


Employment Conditions (Educational Level and Work Experience):

This job description has been prepared in accordance with Articles 7, 8, and 34 of the Civil Service Law, taking into account the following conditions and criteria:


Educational Qualifications: Minimum bachelor's degree in fields such as economics, public policy, business administration, public administration, taxation, and related fields. Higher academic degrees in these fields are preferred.

Work Experience: Minimum of two years of relevant work experience.

Required Skills: Proficiency in one of the official languages (Pashto or Dari) and familiarity with English. Strong analytical and mathematical skills, and proficiency in computer programs related to the job, especially E-Views, Excel, and Access.


Submission Guideline:

Interested candidates who meet the requirements can send their CV along with their application to the following email address.


Note: Please make sure to mention the job title in the email subject and do not attach educational documents.


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Company Detail

DABS is responsible for the production, supply, transmission, and distribution of electricity on a commercial basis throughout Afghanistan.