Senior expert in statistical analysis

in General Kabul ,Afghanistan Apply Before: September/30/2023

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1 Years

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Specialized Tasks:

1. Providing information, conducting research, and analyzing national and macroeconomic developments to improve decision-making and economic policies at the national level.

2. Establishing connections with ministries and economic sectors, and studying economic advancements and trends to enhance expertise in economic matters.

3. Examining data published in crucial national and international financial and economic documents.

4. Compiling reports on statistical data and alterations in macroeconomic forecasts, then presenting them to the Ministry's leadership.

5. Participating in the creation and refinement of important financial policy documents, including medium-term financial frameworks, economic forecasts, medium-term budget plans, and financial strategy papers, to enhance the precision and effectiveness of resource allocation for the national budget.

6. Gathering insights and effective suggestions to enhance the assumptions underlying macroeconomic forecasts and address associated risks from both national and international financial institutions.

7. Collecting data related to macroeconomic indicators for analysis, breakdown, and precise estimation of revenues and expenditures.


Management Responsibilities:

1. Formulating and organizing monthly, quarterly, and annual work plans in alignment with the department's overall strategy to accomplish established objectives.

2. Transmitting professional skills to subordinates through workshops, seminars, and on-the-job training.

3. Overseeing and evaluating implementations, identifying training needs, and strengthening the capabilities of staff and related departments.

4. Providing monthly, quarterly, and annual reports and, when necessary, delivering updates on the department's activities and accomplishments to keep the department's leadership well-informed.

5. Carrying out other assignments delegated by competent authorities in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and the department's objectives.


Coordination Responsibilities:

1. Ensuring effective coordination among relevant departmental units and external entities on pertinent subjects.

2. Coordinating potential modifications in policies related to the national economy with the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Commerce, and trade organizations.

3. Establishing close coordination and collaboration with relevant departments on matters concerning statistics and macroeconomics to enhance forecasting.


Employment Conditions (Educational Level and Work Experience):

This job description has been crafted in compliance with Articles 7, 8, and 34 of the Civil Service Law, taking into account the subsequent conditions and criteria:


Educational Qualifications: Minimum of a bachelor's degree in fields such as economics, public policy, business administration, public administration, taxation, and related disciplines. Higher academic degrees in these fields are preferable.

Work Experience: Minimum of two years of relevant work experience.

Required Skills: Proficiency in one of the official languages (Pashto or Dari) and familiarity with English. Strong analytical and mathematical skills, along with proficiency in computer software relevant to the role, especially E-Views, Excel, and Access.


Submission Guidelines:

Interested individuals meeting the prerequisites can submit their CVs along with their applications to the following email address.

Note: Please ensure to specify the job title in the email subject and refrain from attaching educational documents.


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Company Detail

DABS is responsible for the production, supply, transmission, and distribution of electricity on a commercial basis throughout Afghanistan.