Spices and Health Products Officer

in General Herat ,Afghanistan Apply Before: September/30/2023

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1 Years

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Specialized Duties:

1. Crafting and formulating policies, directives, and procedural frameworks.

2. Ensuring adherence to legal, regulatory, and pharmaceutical protocols.

3. Guaranteeing alignment with the licensing and sampling procedures for spices and health-related products.

4. Overseeing the licensing procedures for individuals who have obtained necessary authorizations from the National Food and Spice Administration in Kabul.

5. Supervising thorough inspections of pharmaceutical facilities at the provincial level.

6. Managing the acquisition of samples from customs and their dispatch to the food and spice quality control laboratory to verify quality prior to departure from customs.

7. Overseeing the compilation of reports on adverse drug reactions from pharmacies and relevant provincial establishments.

8. Administering measures to prevent the illicit importation of pharmaceutical products.

9. Overseeing the gathering of subpar, expired, illicit, and recalled spice products.

10. Supervising technical committees within the pertinent Food and Spice Authority to advance and enhance spice regulatory systems.

11. Directing market surveys to ensure the efficiency, quality, and safety of spices and health products introduced to the market.

12. Ensuring the currency and maintenance of lists and records in the relevant database for timely access to information, statistics, and data.

13. Managing and overseeing the system and procedures governing the licensing of pharmaceutical facilities and permitted operations within such facilities.



Employment Prerequisites (Educational Qualifications and Professional Experience):


The minimum prerequisites for this role are detailed in Sections (7), (8), and (34) of the Civil Service Employees Law.


Educational Background: Candidates with a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy are preferred, and those with higher academic qualifications will be given precedence.


Professional Experience: Candidates must possess a minimum of 2 years of relevant work experience for this position.


Necessary Skills: Mastery of the official languages of the country (Dari and Pashto), familiarity with English, proficiency in computer programs relevant to the job, and managerial competencies.



Company Detail

The National Food and Spice Administration of Afghanistan holds a prominent position within the healthcare sector, with a strong emphasis on enhancing systems for regulating spices and other health and food products. Its primary responsibilities include guaranteeing the quality, safety, and efficacy of spices and related items. The agency is dedicated to enhancing regulatory capabilities through diverse approaches, such as strengthening laboratory quality control, conducting surveillance of spices both before and after they enter the market, and fostering a favorable environment for local factories to manufacture medical products within the country. These functions are pivotal for the agency's mission.